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Unlock your child’s full potential through dance!

Are you looking for a dance studio in Orillia that provides high-quality dance training to your children in a caring and family-like environment? Welcome to Mariposa Dance Company!

Mariposa Dance Company was established in 2002 and we have always prided ourselves on providing high-quality dance training in various dance styles. Our dance programs include Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary and adult dance classes that promote creativity, self-confidence and a healthy mind and body.

Our faculty is certified in ADAPT, Acrobatic Arts, CDTA, ISTD, PAA and Alixa Flexibility and offers Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Acro exams through ADAPT yearly. All our assistants at Mariposa Dance Company have successfully graduated from the Assistant Teacher Training certification program through ADAPT. Mariposa Dance Company is also recognized as a Dance Safe Ontario Studio.

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Mariposa Dance Company has something to offer every dancer, whether you are looking for a recreational or competitive level dance. Our teachers are highly trained and continue to expand their knowledge, allowing them to provide all dancers with the best and most up-to-date training possible.

We believe in having a supportive and family oriented atmosphere to help guide and support every dancer to achieve their goals while creating supportive and long-lasting friendships. We are committed to continuing to provide innovative programming that drives us to energize, engage and empower our students to take risks and find new ways to grow.

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Every season we receive an abundant number of compliments on our year-end recital. Many say it is a professional feeling with the lights, music, costuming and high-performance value the dancers execute. We take just as much pride in putting our year-end show together as we do in providing high-quality dance training to all our dancers at Mariposa Dance Company.

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